Summer 3-seater Sofa Latte


Summer, spring, winter or fall, all you have to do is fall backwards in the comfy cushions of our Summer sofa. Wow, that sentence took a surprising turn there, didn’t it! Named after a light summer breeze, sofa Summer is the place to be no matter which season it currently is. With sofa Summer you’ve got a friend!

  • This timeless beauty will keep your interior up to date in many seasons and trends to come.
  • Add our Summer hocker and your guests might never leave again.
  • Summer is part of a family. Including several great sofa sizes, a love seat and the fine sized hocker we mentioned earlier.

Maintenance tip: The pillows of the Zuiver Summer Sofa seat are filled with a combination of real feathers and synthetic fiber. Over time, the feathers can collapse a little. To keep the seat cushion full and fluffy, you should shake and turn the seat cushions regularly.


Width 230 cm
Depth 101 cm
Height 82 cm
Arm height 64 cm
Seat height 48 cm
Seat depth

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