Sacré Sucré is a design agency specialised in creating interiors for public and private spaces.

Besides providing home design advice, Sacré Sucré runs a furniture shop of handpicked selected furniture, art and objects by designers from all around the globe.

After eight years of working intensively on interior design projects, founder of Sacré Sucré “Margot Ghysels”, built up a broad collection of brands she loved. She felt the need to share this collection with others and decided to open her own boutique in Brussels. The creative space consist of a showroom and a studio where she can continue working on her projects as well as extending her collection.

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Our name Sacré Sucré means as much as Holy Sugar and expresses the atmosphere of warmth and cheerfulness we want to create. In need of our help?

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Mixing and matching, styling a room is an art.

Enjoy some eclectic love! Some suggestions of what to combine.

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